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Vision and Values

Our Vision
Our Aims
School Development Plan Priorities
Equal Opportunities
Inclusion and Equality
Statement of British Values

Our Vision

Our vision for the school is: 

Honesty, Respect, Caring and Commitment 

Our Aims

To equip children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them for life outside school:

  • To treat our children as individuals and encourage them to realise their true potential
  • To instil in our children a respect for other people, themselves and the school
  • To offer a secure, stimulating environment for children where learning is enjoyable and challenging
  • To encourage a culture which celebrates success and one in which the children can participate with confidence
  • To foster a partnership between children, parents, governors, staff and the local community which promotes high standards of achievement

These Aims were written during consultation with staff, governors and parents.

School Development Plan Priorities

We have 3 main priority areas this academic year. These areas have been highlighted as points to develop using evidence from end of Key Stage results, moderation and discussions with staff.

  1. The creation of a Foundation Stage Unit in improving the percentage of children with a Good Level of Development.
  2. Improving standards in Reading, particularly in KS2.
  3. Improving standards in Handwriting/Presentation across the school.

Rationales for each area:

  1. Progress through our Nursery and Reception is good and has been over the past two years, however we are still slightly behind National Average in some areas. This year we aim to create a Foundation Stage Unit, which will allow children of both Nursery and Reception age to have access to provision which meets their individual needs. A key worker system will be used to monitor the progress of all children in the unit.
  2. Our Reading results in KS1, including the Phonic Check were well above National Average. The progress of Reading through KS1 is very good. Our results in KS2, however, were below our Teacher Assessment judgements and were slightly below National Average. Our progress score was below zero, thus indicating that KS2 progress needs to be addressed.
  3. Writing has been an area of focus for us as a whole school for the past few years. Our results throughout the school in Writing this year were above National Average and the content of our writing reflects our Creative Curriculum. The new curriculum, alongside moderation tasks last year, highlighted our poor standards of handwriting and general presentation. This is an area that we have previously not worked on as we felt that the appropriate content of our children’s writing was a priority. We now recognise that handwriting could let our writing standards down.

Equal Opportunities

At Chapelfield we are preparing children for a life in a diverse world outside school. We encourage respect, understanding and the celebration of difference in our school and the local and wider community, with particular focus on Rights and Responsibilities.

As our School Values and Aims indicate, Chapelfield School is committed to promoting the highest possible standards of moral responsibility, learning and achievement for all its children, regardless of gender, culture, race or ability. Equal Opportunities provision features in all our policies but particularly in our Race Equality, R.E., Special Educational Needs, and Sex Education Policies.

Inclusion and Equality

We aim to celebrate difference at Chapelfield and this is a key part of our Social and Emotional curriculum. It is just as important that the children apply what they learn in school, to situations out of school. Understanding that children and adults in our local (and the wider) area can be victims of prejudice and discrimination because of race, disability, poverty, gender etc. can help to promote a sense of belonging which is essential in our diverse world. The school has a crucial role to play in this.

The school has a single Inclusion and Equality Policy, both setting out rights and responsibilities to ensure equal consideration to children and adults from a variety of circumstances. Racist incidents for example, are taken very seriously and racism will not be tolerated at Chapelfield. Such incidents are logged and are fully investigated. Action to be taken is detailed in the Policy. The Headteacher reports termly to the Governing Body regarding the number and type of racial incidents.

Statement of British Values

The government has defined British Values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We promote these values through our school using the curriculum and additional activities.