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1. Primary School Admissions
2. Nursery Admissions
3. Further Information

1. Primary School Admissions

  • All applications to Reception Class should be made via the Local Authority’s online system
  • Offers of places will be notified by the LA in April each year
  • For any other Year group, application can be made through school initially
  • To arrange visits, please contact Mrs Hannaby, in our school office, in the first instance.

Local Authority Admissions Information



The admission limit for the school is 40 pupils.

In the case of community and controlled primary schools, the Local Education Authority is responsible for the admission arrangements. In certain cases specific criteria relating to admissions have been determined by the Education Committee after consultation with the Governors, details of which can be obtained from the schools concerned. Generally, however, the number of applications for places can be met within the approved limit. The Education Committee has adopted the following order of priority to be applied in cases where requests for places exceed the approved intake limit:

  1. Children with older brothers/sisters at the school at the admission date.
  2. Any other children with geographical proximity to the school. Priority under this criterion is determined by the shortest available walking route.

The Admission Process

Bury Local Authority is responsible for admissions to the school. Full details of policy and procedures are set in the ‘Admission to Schools in Bury’ booklet on the council website. Copies of this booklet are also available from the Local Authority by telephoning the main council number (0161 253 5000).  

All children in Bury can attend full-time education in the September following their fourth birthday. However, children do not have to go to school full-time until the term after their fifth birthday if their parents or carers do not want them to, as this is the compulsory school age.

Parents are asked to complete and return a form online stating the three preferences of Primary School they have chosen. Parents are also strongly advised to visit all local Primary Schools they are interested in prior to filling in this admissions form.

However, you are invited to register your child at the school well before this time and have a look around Chapelfield ’in action’ – please see ‘Visits’ below for more information.

If for any reason, you’re unhappy with the application process you are able to make an objection to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.

 2. Nursery Admissions

Any parent/carer may enter their child’s name on the Nursery list for consideration for a place in the nursery class.

Currently, children are taken into the nursery in the September following their third birthday and a part-time* place is allocated.

Priority is given to children using the following Local Authority criteria:

  1. the needs of the individual child
  2. needs of the parent/carer
  3. home circumstances
  4. proximity of home to nursery
  5. sibling connections

*Parents/carers can apply for an additional daily session. The cost of this is £12 per week which includes school lunches.

Attendance at the nursery is not a guarantee of a place in the Reception class of the school.

3. Further Information

Visits to Chapelfield

Parents/carers considering an application to the school are warmly invited to tour the school with the Headteacher.  Please contact the school for an appointment.

Transferring From Another School

Parents and children transferring from another school are encouraged to visit the school for a pre-transfer welcoming visit to ensure they have all the information required prior to them starting.

Admission Contacts In School

For any information or enquiries regarding visits to school, please contact Mrs Hannaby, in our school office, in the first instance. When visiting school please speak to Ms Howarth (Headteacher) for more information.